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4 miles

Sumptuous and picturesque Broadway sets the scene for this beautiful Cotswold walk. From Broadway Tower, the second highest point in the Cotswolds, you will find unparalleled views over the Vale of Evesham. Returning along Broadway's long street of period cottages, it will be difficult not to fall in love with this place.

Start Location
OS Grid RefSO 972 255
GPS Latitude51.928710
GPS Longitude-2.074558
Post CodeGL52 3NN
1Go out of the car park and turn left
2Turn right at the High Street
3Cross at pedestrian crossing
4Go past Broadway Hotel
5At next road turn left
6After church take path on left
7At gate turn right
8Go through gate, over footbridge and turn left
9Continue through gate
10Go through gate and continue along track
11In next field veer left, then head toward way marker post uphill
12Go past the post to the top of the field
13Follow path uphill
14Veer right towards the next post and continue uphill
15Go through gate
16Climb steps and go through gate
17Go through gate
18Go through gate
19Continue into next field
20Go through gate
21Go through gate on left or visit tower on right
22Climb out of small valley and keep wall on right
23Go through gate and veer left towards post
24Go past next post and then go through gate in to woodland
25Cross road with care
26Take path downhill on left
27Climb wooden steps on right
28Continue through trees until path snakes down to road on left
29Cross road and follow path downhill
30Follow way markers
31Turn left onto more substantial track
32Go through tunnel
33Turn right on to road and return to Broadway


Cleeve Cloud

1 Make your way out of the car park and turn left. 2 In about 100 yards turn right on to the High Street. It is here that you will encounter the first of many period buildings and by the time you reach a pelican crossing you will really start to get a feel for this beautiful village. 3 Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and continue along the high street to the war memorial. 4 Now walk along the path in front of the Broadway Hotel.

5 After a while you will reach a Cotswold Way footpath sign. Turn left on the road here. 6 As you reach the last house along the road take the footpath on the left. This path continues to narrow as you go forward. 7 When you reach a gate, turn right. 8 Shortly you will see a ford, secured by a gate. There is a smaller gate on the right. Go through this gate, over a small stone footbridge and turn left. Keep to the right of the field.

Ellenborough Park Hotel 9 In the corner of the field, under a large Ash tree go through a metal gate. Continue along the edge of this field to the opposite side where you will find another gate. 10 Go through the gate and walk along a short track bordered by Hawthorn trees. 11 As the track ends, take the footpath veering slightly left. Almost immediately you will spot a way marker post (uphill, ahead of you and slightly to the right). Make your way towards the way marker post.

12 Continue past this post, following the Cotswold Way to the highest part of the field. 13 Follow the path uphill across the middle of the field. On the left you can just make out the ancient ridges and furrows left over from strip farming that was common in Medieval times.

14 Soon you will see another footpath way marker post. Veer right towards this post and continue uphill. From this point onwards don't forget to look behind you as views will be starting to appear. 15 Go through a gate and continue climbing with a dry stone wall on your left. 16 As a flight of wooden steps appear you will see some benches above you. These perfectly placed seats offer you the opportunity to soak up the spectacular view while you catch your breath.

St Mary's Church, Prestbury When you are ready to move on, go through the gate and continue your journey uphill. 17 Still keeping to the left of the field, carry on climbing until you reach the next gate. You have a choice here, either to climb the stone style or go through the gate on the right.

18 Continue uphill along the left edge of the field, passing a stand of Beech trees, towards a second style/gate combination. 19 The next field boundary has no style. Keep going, you are nearly there. In summer this is the first time you will catch a glimpse of Broadway Tower.

20 Go through the next gate and continue towards the tower. The high fence on the right is to keep deer in their enclosure.

broadway 21 As you pass the tower there is a gate on the right. If you wish, you can go through here and explore Broadway Tower and its grounds. A little further along the path past the tower you will find the Morris & Brown Cafe. This is a great place to stop and have refreshments. When you have had enough return to way point 21. Back on the path take another gate in to the field by the Clump Farm sign. Take the right hand path dipping in and out of a small valley as you go.

22 On the right, behind the stone wall you will see an anonymous looking fenced enclosure. This is actually the surface feature of an underground nuclear bunker. At certain times you may be able to take a tour. There are more views from this spot.

Continue along the edge of the field until you reach a gate in the dry stone wall. 23 Go through the gate, veering left, and you will soon see a way marker post. Join the track here, following it downhill for a short distance. Then go straight on downhill keeping an ancient, grass covered, quarry to your right.

Cottage 24 Follow the way marker post in the centre of the field and proceed to a gate in the corner of the field that leads you in to woodland. Now head downhill through the trees. 25 After a while the path nears a road. Take the path on the left, emerging from the trees, and cross the road. Take your time here and only cross when you are confident that it is safe. 26 On the other side of the road take the footpath on the left heading downhill.

27 Watch out for some wooden steps on the right. Climb the steps and follow the footpath along a ridge with an ancient quarry on your right. Keep straight on when the path forks left, keeping to the high ground. You will now find yourself on an interesting but challenging path, picking your way along the roots of huge Beech trees and looking down a very steep wooded slope on the left. 28 After about 1/2 mile the path snakes sharply left downhill to a road. Cross the road at the Farncombe Estate sign and go over the style ahead. 29 Follow the path downhill to a gate.

broadway Cottages 30 In the next field, follow the footpath way markers, keeping to the right of the field after the second post. Keep going until you reach the head of a valley to your right. 31 The path turns sharply left here. You will now be heading downhill on a more substantial track. 32 Go through the tunnel and continue until you reach a road.

33 Turn right at the road. You are now at the far end of the Broadway High Street. The old road is now virtually deserted as the bypass takes all the traffic. Continuing down the road you will really appreciate the quiet as you begin to make your way past period Cotswold stone properties, built and owned by the wealthy of Broadway.

After quite a long walk along the High Street you will eventually recognise the road on the right that leads you back to your car but you may wish to stay a little longer exploring Broadway or finding somewhere to have some well deserved refreshment.